Open Source Projects

  1. wire.js

    A light, fast, flexible Javascript IOC container with a powerful plugin API for adding new functionality and integrating with existing frameworks.

  2. when.js

    CommonJS Promises/A and when() implementation, with other async helpers like when.all,, when.reduce, and more.

  3. aop.js

    Aspect Oriented Programming for Javascript with before, on, around, afterReturning, afterThrowing, and after (finally) advice.

  4. canhaz

    A simple, extensible, project bootstrapping and boilerplate generation tool.

  5. robo.js

    Promise-aware, asynchronous finite state automata.

Projects @ Hovercraft Studios

  1. Nov. 2010 – present: Web Application Architecture Consultant, LifeIMAGE, Boston, MA

    • Helped to lead design and implementation of highly modular and unit-testable front-end architecture for new product platform
    • Implemented Web UI components using new architecture for platform-based products
  2. July 2010 – Oct. 2010: Web Application Consultant, ModCloth, Pittsburgh, PA

    • Designed UX for, and implemented new buyer and tradeshow admin application
    • Evaluated current front-end architecture and performance and recommended improvements
    • Implemented highly visible, customer facing features, such as Product Zoom
  3. Feb. 2010 – July 2010: Web Application Architecture Consultant, Synesi, LLC, Pittsburgh, PA

    • Implemented highly customized front-end Javascript components, including custom browser scroll bars.
    • Managed server architecture, data model, & server implementation.
    • Integrated 3rd party database migrations, authentication, and basic layout/view packages.
    • Implemented role–based authorization and url routing infrastructure built on Tank Auth.
    • Implemented modular layout, view, and css infrastructure, based on work by Jamie Rumbalow.
    • Implemented ajax/json routing and handling infrastructure based on Content-Type and Accept headers.
  4. Feb. 2010 – June 2010: UX Design and Engineering Consultant, SnapRetail, Pittsburgh, PA

    • Drove design and development process of highly interactive marketing message creation web app for TrafficBuilder offering.
    • Involved stakeholders, including users, project managers, and engineers in wireframing and design process, and worked with web designer to create final, branded design.
    • Implemented desktop-quality WYSIWYG message editor with inline rich text editing, media browsing, and drag and drop image editing with zooming and cropping.
    • Implemented custom Dojo widgets, including a multi-complete widget that works like your email client's To field.
  5. Feb. 2010 – May 2010: UX and Technology Consultant, 80 Degrees West Interior Design, Pittsburgh, PA

    • Guided UX design for Interior Design Project Notebook web application.
    • Provided guidance on technology and platform selection.
    • Oversaw and assisted in management of engineering phase of web application development.

Professional Experience

  1. Feb. 2010 – present: Founder, Hovercraft Studios, LLC, Pittsburgh, PA

    • Work with users, engineers, and designers, and other stakeholders to design user experience and interactions for desktop–quality apps on the web.
    • Architect and implement front–end and web tier components that are fast, flexible, scalable, localizable, and maintainable
    • Hovercraft Studios has extensive experience with HTML & CSS, including HTML 5 & CSS 3, Dojo, jQuery, and many MVC web frameworks.
  2. Nov. 2009 – Feb. 2010: Senior Engineer, G2 Systems, LLC, Pittsburgh, PA

    • Designed user experience and interaction for a new product.
    • Refactored data import and translation component for higher performance and dependency–ordered processing.
    • Skills and technologies: Java, Hibernate, HTML, CSS.
  3. Feb. 2007 – Nov. 2009: Senior Software Architect & Web Developer, mSpoke, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA

    • Implemented Web tier MVC components, Web APIs, and UIs in FeedHub, and for administering various aspects of mPower systems.
    • Designed and Implemented complex architectural components, such as a content scoring and ranking framework, and custom database partitioning and Map-Reduce style query engine.
    • Integrated mPower with customers’ existing infrastructure, including databases and third-party email marketing services.
    • Skills and technologies: Java J2SE, J2EE, Amazon AWS (EC2, RDS, EBS, ELB, S3), Spring, JPA, Hibernate, JMS/OpenMQ, Lucene, LAMP, Javascript, Dojo, jQuery, HTML, CSS.
  4. Nov. 2003 – Jan. 2007: Lead Software Architect, Adhoc Mobile, LLC, Los Angeles, CA

    • Led a team of 5 Software Engineers in architecting an advertising system for mobile devices and for a distributed, social, mobile gaming environment.
    • Ensured quality and consistency of architecture, design, implementation, testing and deployment.
    • Managed project milestones, and ensured they were met by engineering staff.
    • Designed and implemented server-side REST and XML web services, and J2ME mobile applications.
    • Designed and implemented an advanced user interface API and library for mobile devices.
    • Skills and technologies: Java J2SE, J2EE, Tapestry, J2ME, Ruby, Rails, JSP, (X)HTML, XML, REST, Web Services, Apache, Tomcat, Postgres.
  5. Jun. 2001 – Feb. 2004: Project Engineer, Institute for Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery, Pittsburgh, PA

    • Worked with three surgeons, surgical staff, two research scientists, and a team of six developers.
    • Developed computer assisted surgery software systems for Adult Joint Reconstruction surgery
    • Developed software to visualize clinical CT scans.
    • Skills and technologies: C, C++, 2D and 3D Graphics with OpenGL.
  6. Sep. 1999 – Apr. 2001: Product Development Lead, Inmedius, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA

    • Led a matrixed team of three engineers, two interaction designers, and a graphic designer
    • Architected, designed, and implemented the Mentor workflow and collaboration software product.
    • Worked with marketing and sales staff to bring the product to market.
    • Skills and technologies: Java, Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL Server, XML.


  • I have 13+ years experience building and deploying large scale, distributed, web and mobile applications.
  • I live the web stack, and am fully buzzword compliant. HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Dojo, jQuery, PHP, Ruby, Rails, Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Spring, JPA & Hibernate, Java & Scala,
  • Strong Software Engineering background: software architecture, object oriented analysis and design techniques.
  • Software development processes: software lifecycle models, quality assurance, configuration management, metrics and measurement procedures.
  • Software project management theories and practices.


  • 1996–1998 Masters of Software Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA
  • 1991–1995 Bachelor’s of Computer Science, West Virginia University Morgantown, WV

What Else?

  • I am an active member of St. George Orthodox Church in New Kensington, PA: Music & Choir Director and Head Chanter, member of Parish Council, and webmaster.
  • I am a trained operatic Baritone (Listen) From “Let My Prayer Arise”, G. Lvovsky, for trio (Soprano, Alto, Baritone) recorded live in 2004 at St. George Orthodox Cathedral, Pittsburgh, PA. (Listen), and a member of the Orthodox Sacred Music Chamber Choir.
  • I have composed and arranged several Orthodox hymns in the Byzantine and Russian styles.
  • I have a 1st degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and in Shotokan Karate, and a blue belt in Aikido.

References available upon request