FeeHub allows users to view and change their interests using a highly interactive drag and drop interface


More signal, less noise. FeedHub is a content personalization app for the masses. I helped to design and implement many aspects of FeedHub, from bottom to top, including its Map Reduce-style database engine built on Hibernate, its modular Spring-based component infrastructure, and its highly interactive web UI built on Dojo, complete with custom drag and drop components.

The mPower dashboard gives customers easy access to tracking and reporting, and content moderation

mPower Dashboard

mSpoke's mPower personalization allows content providers to deliver personalized content using several delivery mediums. The mPower Manager Dashboard provides a simple & clean reporting interface for customers to track the success of their email newsletters, widgets, etc. For example, customers can view reports detailing email delivery, open rates, and clicks. It is built from structural, semantic HTML, and allows for easy branding and custom layouts using only CSS.

mPower Customers can approve, disapprove, and add notes to content using an intuitive interface

Content Moderation

This web app allows mPower customers to approve or disapprove items from the universe of content that they provide to their users. It's layout, interactions, and use of color affordances are all optimized to allow customers to work through large streams of content quickly. Initially a standalone web app, it was later integrated into the mPower Dashboard.

…the code around the item moderation tool is freaking beautiful.”
— Project Manager, mSpoke
The CSS3 Digital Clock makes heavy use of OOCSS, transforms, transitions, opacity, and rgba

CSS3 Digital Clock

I created the CSS3 Digital Clock to explore the use of advanced HTML5 and CSS3 techniques. It combines structural HTML with OOCSS, transforms, transitions, opacity, rgba, along with a bit of Javascript. It comes in three colors, knows 12 or 24 hour time, and remembers your settings, so you can keep the time you want, in the color you want, whenever you want.

Saint George Orthodox Church of New Kensington's Wordpress site

St. George

I helped create, and am the administrator of St. George Orthodox Church of New Kensington's web site. It is built on Wordpress, and features a custom theme, including custom PHP templates and CSS, based on Thematic.

Brian Cavalier's Resume

My Resume

I reinvented my resume as pure HTML and CSS. It is structural, semantic, and valid HTML 5, with hand-coded CSS, and provides optimized layouts for screen, print, and mobile devices, and uses Blueprint CSS for great typography.

Iterate Library

A Java library of design patterns & functional programming constructs, including a simple Map Reduce engine, designed to work with Java's builtin collections, IO, strings, and networking. Check it out on GitHub.

TextMate Bundles

I'm a big fan of TextMate, and have created the following bundles. Each provides a language syntax definition and several useful snippets and commands.

Damn B, that was too fast, find a slower way to do it.”
— Project Manager, mSpoke